Pretty Face was a Japanese Manga by Yasuhiro Kano, and ran for 52 chapters in Shonen Jump, a weekly comic magazine in Japan. It was wildly popular amongst a small cult of fans and was widely thought to be on its' way to being a favorite for Japanese Jump readers. Unfortunately, the series ended prematurely. 

It was too good to last.

Seeing no urgency on the part of publishers to print this title in the US, many American fans of manga pitched in on translations and scanning the pages for internet users to enjoy. I liked it so much that I decided to see if I could improve on the original translation and reformat for easier left to right reading. In Japan, books and comics are formatted right to left. I also replaced the Japanese sound effects and retouched some of the graphics.

Well, I could only keep it up for a few installments, before I realized it was going to suck a whole year of my life if I kept doing it. Fortunately, the whole comic was published by Viz in 2007, in six books. It includes many extras and notes by the author. I encourage you to get them. You can read what I did, but they're just tasters of the full story.

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