Step 9: Rewarding Your Domestic
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The poor dear will now try very hard to please you. Should you feel his conduct warrants it, you might permit him some little pleasure as an inducement to continued approved behavior. All rewards should be feminine in nature to emphasize him continuing descent into sissyhood—frilly lace panties, a new brassiere, silk stockings—the kind of items a young woman in domestic service might look on as special treats.

Tip: If your maid has truly performed her tasks with a properly respectful attitude, you might permit her to enjoy some physical self-stimulation. However, a warning—do not permit your maid to act out these yearnings in a male fashion. That is to say, should your domestic be rewarded in this way, she should respond as would a grateful and overheated female servant might—with soft moans and frantic fondling. Your husband is a girlish maid now--the chastity belt always stays on.

Tease yourself, trollop!

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