Step 10: Your Maid’s Night Out
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Despite his most respectful devotion, your new maid simply can no longer contribute to your household in a manly way. You’ll need a man—a real man-- on hand to properly administer your estate in the role of butler. Naturally your maid will report to him directly, sparing you the constant need for supervision. As an enticement to a talented butler, make it clear in the terms of the agreement that your maid will be subject to his perogatives…

Tip: As her new boss, the butler will no doubt take liberties with your sissy maid. While the activities of the underlings have little import, she might complain directly to you. Such complaints must be turned over to her superior the butler to deal with. To ensure the maid is being properly directed, insist the butler keep a daily diary of her behavior as a record for your review.

Make your master smile Missy!


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