Step 8: Disciplining Your Domestic
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Of course he値l fail you用robably frequently. Make each failure one he値l regret with immediate punishment. Be firm溶o matter how trifling the mistake is, your maid must be shown the error of his ways or he will never learn how to meet your expectations. Never let him forget that he is living under very different circumstances now用unishment comes whenever you feel it is merited.

Tip: You値l be secretly amazed at how the merest threat of correction will frighten your sissy maid into quick compliance. He値l study your expressions for signs of displeasure constantly and learn to react to the tone in your voice instantly. With such a submissive sissy, correction needn稚 be more than a good old fashioned spanking葉hough a crop or cane might be kept on hand as a deterrent to more serious infractions.

Pull down your panties, serving girl!

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