Step 7: Good help is hard to find
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It’s all fine to learn to mince in heels and play with make-up, but you should quickly disabuse him of the notion that he’ll be lazing about all day like some princess! Far from it—he’s the new maid, remember? And he should be saddled down quickly with multitudinous domestic duties to take up his time. From dawn to dusk, he should be hustling his pantied bottom to accomplish all his chores and errands for you.

Tip: Cooking, cleaning, caring for your personal wardrobe—it isn’t easy and you shouldn’t expect him to get it right straight off. Many fine educational institutions are available for schooling your maid in her new duties. For English style maid training, consider Miss Starchton’s Academy for Sissies. For French maid training, contact Mistress Suzette’s Parisian Institute for Domestication.

Dust my house you little ditz!

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