Step 6: His Public Penance
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By this stage, your husband should be docile and feminized enough to undergo the necessary if humiliating task of publicly apologizing for being such a disobedient and disappointing mate. He should do so at your command in front of a group of your friends so as to encourage them to similarly break and tame their own spouses. It is at this juncture that you should inform him of his new role in the household—that of a maid.

Tip: He should be made to confess the errors and indiscretions of his former male friends as well. This is no presumption of a sissy having the right to privacy—he is merely an extension of your will. If he is reluctant to tattle-tell on his little friends to their wives and girlfriends, simply demonstrate to your friends how you keep your new maid in line with a prompt over the knee spanking.

Beg for forgiveness, bitch!

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