By Pink Bra

Agatha Mercury

-The Origin-

By Pink Bra

Max Mercury and his twin sister Melinda were as close as siblings could possibly be. They spent there entire childhood together and did everything as a pair. That is, until Melinda reached the age of 14. From then on out, she would spend weekends at a special school. You see, the Mercury's were no ordinary family as the mother, Bea, came from a great line of witching women and Melinda would carry her family's mantle just as the many previous generations. Every weekend, her mother sent her to a witch's prepatory school. Though school was not mandatory for witches, it would assist them in passing the WAT - the witch aptitude test. Melinda enjoyed school immensely. Unfortunately for Max, witching was for women only - men were forbidden to use magic at all and if caught, would pay the consequences.

Of course this didn't stop Max from begging his mother from the age of 14 to let him practice magic and go to witch school with Melinda.

"Mother, I don't understand why I can't go with Melinda. I'm sure I can be just as good a witch as anyone!"

"But Max, witching is a feminine art form, and you know men are expressly forbidden from learning of it's secrets. Dire consequences await one who breaks those rules. I had a distant cousin, and he wanted to be a witch many years ago as well, and because he practiced the art on his own unlicensed, he eventually had to pay the price. Though not all punishments are equal, they are all, quite...stressful and I don't want to have to worry about you, Max," said Bea, trying to be understanding. She felt great sadness for Max but he had to know the rules.

"It's not fair, mother! Why does Melinda get to have all this fun?" said Max, hurt, as though he had shared his entire life Melinda, this was one thing that alienated them. Melinda felt an equal amount of sadness and hurt, as she felt she was being selfish to young Max, and wished there was something she could do.

One day Melinda rushed home as fast as she could in order to talk to Max. She had discovered something incredible.

"Max! Quick! Into my room!," said Melinda as she grabbed Max by the hand.

"What is it?" said Max as Melinda used a small bit of magic to rush them into her room. By the age of 16, most young witches had learned to use a little magic and be undetected.

"I found a loophole! A loophole, Max! I may be able to get you to perform Magic!" whispered Melinda excitedly.

"But how!" asked Max nervously.

"I was in the library today and discovered a bit of magic that could help you. You see, if performed correctly, the incantation will make a person of my close relation perform magic. It was an ancient spell book, but my rune translating skills got me an A+ and I know I read it right. Because you're my twin, I'll be able grant you access, without punishment, to use any spell you want. The spell was meant as self defense measure, as twins, historically, in the magic world are intricately linked and if something happens to the one, it could drastically effect the other. Especially twins with magic in there families, Max. There is only one technicality, the spells can only be performed in our house."

"Are you sure you read all of that right?"

"Absolutely, Max! Now I can finally share this fantastic world with you," said Melinda was joy and relief.

The fact that there was this rift between the two had caused their once close relationship to deteriorate. Once famously familiar, witchcraft, as well as puberty caused the two to diverge. With magic in common now, Melinda hoped she could repair the rift between the two. Over the next two years, Max would learn as much as he could from Melinda in the confines of her bedroom. The spell had worked and Max had been able to learn some very complex magic while under the protective cloak of Melinda's found spell.

Unfortunately, with time, Max would become frustrated with the prospect of never being able to freely practice magic as Melinda would.

Max and Melinda's 18th birthday has passed and Melinda has been practicing voraciously in order to pass the WAT. The process consisted of three trials which would completely test the witches ability. The first test was a week away.

"Obtor motonoclo carumsta!" yelled Melinda as she waved he fingers in the air and pointed them her old teddy bear. "Damn, it didn't work," she said frustrated. The bear was supposed to turn into an apple.

"Try it again," said Max as he was watching her practice.

"It's no use, I'm never going to pass the first test. I've always been rubbish at transfiguration," said Melinda. With a flick of his wrist, Max successfully transformed the bear into an apple.

"You see, it's all in the wrist. You taught me that one years ago, Mel, I'm sure you can do it."

"Man, Max, too bad you can't take the test - you've really gotten good at this stuff. If you were allowed to practice, you'd probably get the highest grades on the WAT - you're one of the best Ive seen out of all the girls in my class."

"I guess I'll never know. Well, unless I want to get turned into a toad or put in vortex prison. Who knows, they say the punishment for men performing magic is never the same twice. But that could just be a trick used for deterrent or something," sighed Max.

"It's too bad we weren't twin sisters, eh Max," laughed Melinda.

Max had pretended to have accepted the gender barriers involved in the magic world, but deeply longed to be able to do what Melinda was able to do.

"Yeah, too bad," said Max. At that moment, he had an idea.

Max spent the next week preparing for his big idea. He would take the WAT the only we he thought possible. He would disguise himself as a girl and take the test with all the other young witches in his district. He wouldn't even tell his sister of the plan. He had found all the spells and supplies he needed to pull off the scheme: old underwear from his mother's magically large storage closet, as well as a dress, shoes and wig. He would magically forge a set of witch ID and use transfiguration to complete the effect. Once he passed the WAT, he would be able to get a license and practice in his alter identity. Maybe he would even unmask himself and prove, once and for all, that men could do magic - after all, he dreaded the idea of having to be disguised as a woman to use magic.

The day of the first test, he dressed in his disguise. Using a tight pair of panties, a corset with bra cups and a wig, he thought he was a good approximation of a woman.

To finish the effect, he decided to enhance his effect with a little magic. The spell he fond for this particular transfiguration was hard to find and came with it's fair share of warnings, but he was never one for fine print. He performed the spell:

He felt a rush for a brief moment and came back to his senses - he had transfigured his chest into a pair of breasts. He was now as well endowed as his sister, but did not anticipate the strange high he experienced. He looked back into the spell book and discovered that that was an expected side effect. Any transfiguration that involves a cross gender application must be used sparingly, according to the book.

"They can become dangerous and possibly addictive," Max read aloud to himself, "Damn, I better be more careful next time," as he looked down at his breasts and felt a pang of pride. He then stepped in front of the mirror and appreciated his hard work. He looked a little old fashioned but he was content with it; he was off to the first test.

If Max's homework was correct, the combination of his own incantation and the large amount of magical interference at the test field would shield his illegal use of magic. If his fake magic ID worked and people believed his disguise, he would be home free. Max stood in line with the other girls in order to register for testing that day.

"I've never seen you around before," said the beautiful girl behind him.

"Oh, I'm Max - er, Agatha Maxwell. I was homeschooled," said Max with his disguised voice.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Kristina. I really like your look, it's very retro," said Kristina.

"Thanks, its nice to meet you, too," said Max as he extended his hand accidentally bumping his ample breast, causing it to jiggle. He made a mental note to get used to their placement. Small mistakes could give him away.

"ID, please," said the matronly witch at the front of the line.

"Here you go ma'am," said Max in his magically disguised girl voice as sweetly as possible.

"Ah, Agatha Maxwell, I haven't seen you at any school. Homeschooled. Sure you ready for the trials?" said the woman.

"Ah, of course, ma'am. I'm ready for anything!" said Max, grateful and excited that it had worked. The woman had entered him into the trial. Max set his flat hand against his chest in a feminine sigh of relief as he walked to the testing grounds.

From there he was able to see his sister practicing for her turn in the transfiguration test. Max watched as she successfully transfigured apples to oranges, acorns to almonds and tables to chairs. Max was certain she would pass, having conquered her trouble with the spell. Max found an appropriate practice area while he awaited his turn. He wish he could be there to cheer on his sister during her test, but being too close to her today might spoil his plan.

"Agatha Maxwell!' cried the tester into the crowd of practicing girls. Max rushed forward and presented himself.

"Right here," said Max with a small courtesy and a polite smile.

"Okay," said the obviously tired tester, "I want you to change this rock into a ball gown. The gown should be able to fit you perfectly when done."

"Okay," said Max nervously. He was thankful it was a ball gown and not a bikini. He had only changed his bust to resemble a woman's. If anyone saw anymore of him, the jig would be up. A ball gown would only aid in his disguise. With a loud bang, Max changed the rock into a beautiful blue gown and then with another crash, the gown appeared on his person. It was a perfect fit. Hoping for bonus points, he also changed his wig into a more formal style.

"Very good. A+. See you next week, Ms Maxwell," said the tired tester, as if this was the most ordinary thing. Max was ecstatic. His plan had worked. Max was so happy that he forgot every trouble he had ever had in the world. As he walked in his gown out of the testing fields, he ran into his new friend, Kristina.

"That gown fits like a glove, I guess that means you passed," said Kristina as she walked excitedly towards to Max. Max was equally giddy. The two new friends gave each other a big hug. Max felt his chest press against Kristina's.

"You're gown looks gorgeous as well," said Max, fully immersed in his role.

"Thanks, hon. I like your sash and especially the hair. Nice touch."

"Oh, this do? It's nothing. I mean, I was just trying to show off," said Max.

"You're so beautiful, Agatha. Don't be modest. I need to get going home to practice" Said Kristina. Max swelled with pride.

"Really? Thanks, you're the best, Kristina," said Max as he suddenly felt the urge to reach into his magical purse. He rummaged for a compact and a lipstick and fixed his look up a little. Where he was early having trouble putting his lipstick on, he was now doing it expertly. He then made the mirror levitate (small magic) and expand in size, so he could adjust his gown. He fussed with his breasts and smoothed out the fabric. He then fussed with his hair as any other girl would.

Suddenly he appeared as if he snapped out of a dream.

"What, the," he said to himself, "that was too weird." Max, strangely enough, had momentarily forgotten he was really a man and was completely a woman in his mind. "I need to get home and take these damn clothes and spells off. This is too weird and its been too long."

Max went home. Luckily, no one was home and he was able to enter quietly in his girl form. He performed the strong magic on his chest and it swelled down to normal. He then undressed and hid his clothes and new gown. He had to study for next weeks test: apparition.

The next time, Max decided to play it more carefully with the magic. He decided that he must have made his breasts too large and it had contributed to his strangely girly feelings. He was worried that he liked it too much. He figured that was what the warning was talking about. Today was apparition - the act of teleporting from one place to another. He figured anything could go wrong. He had apparated from his bedroom to his sister's once but ended up completely naked. His sister had a laugh at that one. He would have liked to have gone without generating magical breasts again, but he decided to make them somewhat smaller. Because he male lower half would give him away if he happened to apparate naked, he decided he would make his lower half more femme.

"Just will have to make sure I don't get carried away and get home as soon as possible without any distractions so I don't have any girly moments again. I'll have to change my body short of my penis. I'll just tuck that one and take the chance that my panties, er - underwear will stay on," Max said to himself. He was also worried that his look was too retro, so he raided his sisters closet and found some stored bras, panties and some more modern clothes. He decided he would also magically change his own hair to appear more femme instead of wearing a wig. He did his makeup first.

He next continued by changing his chest into breasts.

He made his hips wider and waist slimmer.

And then, his hair!

He slipped on his sister's old blue dress and admired the look in the mirror.

He turned around in the mirror, fussed with his hair and makeup and pushed his smaller breasts together.

"I think I miss the bigger ones. I wonder if this bra looks okay like this," Max said to himself.

"I would usually wear a strapless bra with that dress," said a voice out of nowhere. His sister then appeared, as she was practicing for apparition.

"M-Melinda!?" said Max, shocked, holding his hands across his chest.

"I was worried you'd try something stupid. You shouldn't be using such complex spells on your body while I have this long term spell on you. It could cause difficulties for you," said Melinda as she stared at Max.

"Please don't tell mom. I'm sorry I borrowed your clothes. I just want to prove I can do this, Agatha!," said Max as he sat back down, crossing his legs on his stool, tears in his eyes.

"I won't, but I can't take any responsibility for this. I know you were there yesterday and you got lucky. If you get caught, well, I don't know what we'll do. I'd like to wash my hands of this, but I can't."

"Nothing will happen. This is just another identity for myself. When I want to use magic, I'll just change into Agatha," said Max, wiping tears away.

"You can't live like this. Sex change spells are dangerous, Max."

"I just added some boobs, hair and bottom, Melinda. I didn't cast any spells on my private parts, yet."


"I won't," said Max, "look, we have to leave for test soon and my makeup is ruined," said Max as he turned to the mirror. After he finished his makeup he stood up and checked his overall look. As Melinda watched him, she could barely see Max in that disguise. It was pretty foolproof and Max seemingly was able to act the part very well. As Max continued to prep himself in the mirror he began to him a little tune - Max had returned to the dream like girl state again.

"Max," said Melinda.

No answer.


Still no answer. Melinda knew what might be the problem.

"Agatha?" she squeeked out.

"Mm-hmm," replied Max, who stopped what he was doing and froze.

"Are you okay?"

"Oh, um, I was just testing you, Melinda. I'm in control here, okay? Look!," said Max as he changed into his male form right before Melinda's eyes!

To Melinda, Max looked a little more femme than usual, but it was still her brother, and she let a sigh of relief.

"We need to get going, we'll be late" said Max to his sister as he quickly changed back into Agatha. Melinda could do nothing but stare at the girl in front of him. She feared she had made a big mistake two years ago.

Apparition went well for Max and Melinda that day. They both received A+ scores and Max went undetected again.

"What a rush," said Max still in his girl form back at home in Melinda's bedroom.

"You should really get changed back, Max. I fear you're abusing this spell," said Melinda nervously.

"It's okay, Mel, I have complete control over this. You said it yourself, I'm one of the best young witches you've seen!"

"That's not the point, Max. We could get into trouble."

"Please, I've fooled those old women twice now, I don't think I'm going to get caught. Ever. The plan is perfect."

"It doesn't mean you can get sloppy about it. Changing your sex is strong magic and we might get detected. It doesn't matter how good you are, Max," said Melinda as she watched Max become increasingly more feminine with every passing hour.

"Fine, I'll change back now, you big scardy cat," said Max and with a flick of his finger, he began to change back to his male form. Though it wasn't as easy as it used to be. Melinda noticed Max having difficulty getting back to the true Max.

"Do you need help?"

"No, leave me alone," said Max as he rushed, only partially transformed, into his bedroom.

The next test was the hardest of them all for a young witch. This test involved taking control of another's body. For the sake of simplicity, this test required to girls to take control of animals, not humans, but the same principle could be applied if necessary. The Witch Board advised that all girls planning to enter the final test should practice on fish, hamsters, dogs and the like. Just because these animals were simpler, it didn't mean that it would make the spell any simpler.

Of course Max and Melinda had no problem learning and mastering this spell. With days to spare before the final exam, they had managed to control, goldfish, dogs, birds, lizards and even a monkey at the zoo. They were lucky to go undetected for that one. The day before the final exam, Melinda has been watching Max closely and noticed that even though he was in his usual male form, he appeared more feminine than ever before.

"Max, um, how are you doing?" asked Melinda tentatively.

"Oh, you know, just nervous about the exam tomorrow. I...can't wait to stop all of this transformation stuff, actually. It really plays with your head. I just don't feel like me anymore. And...there's this strange side effect, Melinda, I just..."

"What is it, Max?"

"I kind of like it. I kind of like being a girl. I don't know how to say this, but you know when I told you how I didn't go 'all the way' with my transformation spells?"

"Max, no."

"Well, one night when I was getting ready for bed, I found my regular pajamas to be too coarse, so out of some weird reflex, I changed them into a pink nightie. But I wasn't done there. I tried it on and realized that it didn't look right so I changed my hair, body, chest, almost everything to my 'girl mode,' and boy, let me tell you, is that girlier than ever. But I wasn't happy, Melinda. I thought the 'bulge down there' was...ugly, so, in some weird reflex thing, I changed it into a vagina. I completely transformed myself that night."

"Max! But why? It's dangerous to do that to your body! To change yourself so thoroughly, I mean, it's not safe at all!"

Max began to cry.

"That was a two nights ago and ever since, I've felt very different. I managed to change back everything, but it was very hard," sobbed Max. Suddenly, because of his emotional state, he began to change rapidly into the hyper feminine state he had just described, nightie and all.

"Max!," shrieked, Melina. She couldn't believe it. There, in front of her was Max, only he had huge breasts, a narrow waste, long hair, and no bulge where they should be one. Max fell to the floor and clutched his head. Within a minute, he had managed to change himself back, but he was on the verge of collapse.

"Max, you can't do that test tomorrow, you can't. Don't you see what's happening? Max is getting lost, Agatha is gaining control."

"Agatha is me, though, Melinda!" cried Max.

"I know, sweetie, but you're my brother."

"I know, I know. I'll be fine. Just give me a minute, Melinda."

"You musn't take that test, Max. They'll find out."

"NO! I'm taking it! Or I'll die trying," said Max. Melinda had noticed that even though he was back to male form, he felt softer, and his voice was even more womanly now.

"Okay, Agatha - er Max. I'll help you, but what'll happen if you get caught?"

"I'll take the fall, Melinda, okay? I...don't know how to thank you for what you've done so far, Melinda"

"It's okay, I'm your twin sister, Max. You would do the same for me, I hope. Get me out of trouble, that is."

Max got up from the floor with his sister's help. He and Melinda both stared at the mirror and watched silently. Melinda did not dare say a thing, and Max stayed silent as well. He was going far too deep for his own good.

The next morning Melinda and max were to meet a few blocks from their home so they didn't arouse and suspicion. When Max, now in his Agatha form, walked out of the coffee shop to meet Melinda, you would think you were watching twin sisters. Dressed in a short skirt and white blouse, Agatha looked the part of any girl her age.

"Don't tell me you went 'all the way,' Ma-Agatha!" said Melinda.

"Don't worry, Mel, I tucked it this time, okay. I won't let the temptation get me this time. We're going to ace this test, I'm going to get my secret identity her magic license, and it will be over for Agatha for a while, okay?" said Max as he checked his makeup in his compact.

"Okay, Agatha...promise?"

"Promise, sis!"

The final test went very well for both Max and Melinda. They passed with identical grades and were issued temporary diplomas. Again, Max went undetected. The sisters walked back home and Max quickly snuck in a few minutes after his sister had. Back in Melinda's bedroom

"Okay, Aga-er-Max, time to get back to being Max!"

"Melinda, what's the rush? I feel so great right now!," said Max as he twirled around on his heels in Melinda's bedroom.

"Don't do this, Max!"

"I have it under control, Melinda. Besides, why don't I just stay as Agatha for a while now?"

"Max! You can't. This isn't good. What are mom and dad going to say when they find out about 'Agatha?'"

Max stood there in silence with his arms folded under his ample bosom. Sense had finally gotten to his mind.

"M-Melinda, you're right. Sorry, I don't know what happened. I'll change back right now," said Max as he closed his eyes.

Suddenly, his hair started to flow as if it was in the wind and his ample proportions went down to their regular, boy sizes. All had seemed fine when Max had transformed back to male, but he still appeared slightly feminine as the day before.

"There," said Max. All man, now," said Max, but you could tell he was still straining with magic.

"Are you sure you went all the way back, Max?" asked Melinda. Max was still focusing, but he couldn't hold his male form for more than a few seconds, his body had shifted into a femme form again. The clothes he was wearing had shifted into a girl style as well. He wasn't as super gorgeous as he was before, but he was still obviously in a girl state.

"Oh, no!" said Max in a woman's voice.

"Don't tell me you cant go further than that, Max," said Melinda

"I can't, Mel. I'm stuck! I can't change," said Max as he tried to focus again.

"Let me help you, Max," said Melinda as she grabbed Max by his hands. Their combined witch power enveloped the room. In a state of panic, the both had teamed to use very strong magic. With some force, Max was turned back into his regular, true, male self. Not a trace of his femininity remained.

"Oh, man, thanks Melinda. I don't know what I was thinking, but thanks. I feel 'normal' again."

"Let that be a lesson to-"

Out of nowhere Max and Melinda felt as if they were being wrapped in a very tight blanket and being flown into the air. They had been caught by the witch authority.

Max found himself alone in a room stripped to his underwear in front of a council of five cloaked witches whose faces he could not see. A voice boomed.

"Maxwell Mercury! You have been accused of practicing the woman's ancient art of witchcraft! Do you understand the gravity of these charges?"

"Yes," said Max, prepared to accept the charges.

"Are you prepared to be subject to a punishment of the council's choosing, Mr Mercury?"

"I'm guilty, but I just wanted to prove that men," but before Max could finish, he was interrupted by another booming voice.

"This is not a court of human law, Maxwell. This is a witches council. Are you prepared?"

Max wanted to say something, but he had resigned. He knew there was nothing he could do to save himself.

"Yes, I am prepared to do as you will with me. My destiny is yours."

Max felt a strange tingle all over his body. A familiar but frightening tingle. His body had begun to change.

"What the?," said Max in a very girly voice. He stared at the council, trying in vain to make them out.

"You have been changed into a woman, Maxwell, forever. That is your punishment"

"What do you mean? Is that it? I can still practice magic?"

"Yes," said a new voice from the council.

"But shouldn't the punishment be more severe. I think I may have gotten off lucky."

Another voice boomed, "Do not question our authority, Maxwell. You are now Agatha Mercury!" said the voice as it moved closer to a candle light. It was Max's mother!

They did not exchange a word, Max, now Agatha knew the score. Everything went dark and cold, and Agatha now found herself back in her sister's bedroom. Melinda and Max both rose. Melinda inspected Agatha and seemed pleased.

"I heard the trial from whatever void I was in, Ma - er, Agatha. You're...my sister now. We're sisters!"

"This feels...right," said Agatha as the sisters hugged.

The End.

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