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A "Tales of Transformation" Story

Part 1 in the “Housewives of Candlewick Court” Series. In this book, we meet the figures who have built the Candlewick Court development and the story behind this mysterious plot of houses. We also meet the first prospective residents of Candlewick, and learn why they’ll become the perfect residents.

The main story focuses on a small clinic, just opened for business. With Candlewick Court about ready to accept their first tenants, the clinic is ready to assist with all their healthcare needs – even if the tenants don’t know it yet.

First to walk in the door is a teenage boy by the name of Logan Thurman, with a burning desire to lose weight and more money than brains. It’s now led him into the clutches of a doctor who hates men, and is eager to demonstrate how deep that hatred goes. Logan is a motivated and uninformed young man, and is easily coerced into going along with the doctor’s suggestions. Of course, a little bit of mind-controlling pharmaceuticals help.

When Logan’s gruff father, Bert, tries to intervene, he to will find that the doctor’s grievances against men are not limited to altering Logan. Read on as we watch them become the first victims of Candlewick Court’s feminizing future.

We also begin the story of Colin and Elliot Finch, two young men who have hatched a plot to “catfish” a local genetic scientist. Colin and Elliot find themselves in dresses, pretending to be mother and daughter, snaring the unsuspecting and naive middle-aged single father into their trap. But these young men have no idea how deep into their new identities they are going to go. This is the first part of their epic story.

This is a part of a series, and some stories will be told over the course of multiple books, but two complete stories are in this book.


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Rated "R" for sexual depiction & language.


• Surgical Change

Mind Control

Slow Transformation

Age Progression

Age Regression

Identity Loss

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