by Joe Six Pack

A “Web Classic Revisited“ Story

Harvey Angler has lead a modest life, lacking any real drama or trouble. He does odd electrical jobs around his small town, hangs out with his friends and looks after his nervous sister. Then, one day, he's tricked into helping his sister out at work - dressed as a teenage girl. Turns out, he's reasonably convincing.

That leads to meeting his sister's boss. That leads to Harvey finding himself as the star of a nationwide commercial. That leads to financial troubles which force him to... Well, long story short, Harvey is signed to a lucrative contract to be the next pop music idol. Not as a 23-year old man, but as a sixteen year old girl.

Although a part of him is well aware that he can't possibly get away with being a teen starlet, another part of him isn't convinced. Which part is going to win? How far will he have to go before he finds out?

Re-written from Joe’s internet fiction story of the same name. Now twice as long, with new scenes, new characters and a new ending.

This book does not contain illustrations.

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Two Forms of ID


Rated "R" for sex and language.


• Transformation

• Age Regression

• Teenage

• Hormones

• Surgery

Novel. 194 pages.

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