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A "Tales of Transformation" Story

Part 2 in the “Housewives of Candlewick Court” Series. In this book, we return to the Candlewick Court development meet the first residents of the mysterious development, and watch as they slowly become the ideal residents.

The main story focuses on a Margaret Wrenshaw, the Matriarch of the Wrenshaw family. Her plot of land is the last parcel that the Candlewick developers want to acquire. But her grandson, Davis Wrenshaw, is holding out for a princely sum. When it comes time to close the deal, however, Davis needs Margaret Wrenshaw to approve the deal. Unfortunately, the 73-year old woman has already passed.

So Davis drafts his 17-year old brother Phillip to stand in for her, just for a single day, so he can sell the property and enjoy the multi-million dollar windfall.

But one things leads to another, and Phillip finds himself having to stand in for Margaret again and again. Before he knows it, he’s now the headmistress of the Wrenshaw Primary School.

When the helpful Dr. Francis Pinkerton begins to involve himself in the proceedings, Phillip finds his mind drifting more and more into the mindset of his elderly grandmother. Soon, his body begins to follow.  Will Davis be able to rescue him?

We also continue the story of Colin and Elliot Finch, two young men who have hatched a plot to “catfish” a local genetic scientist. Colin and Elliot find themselves in dresses, pretending to be mother and daughter, snaring the unsuspecting and naive middle-aged single father into their trap. But these young men have no idea how deep into their new identities they are going to go. In this episode, Colin and Elliot are off on a vacation with Doug and Aiden, and things start to get serious enough to go shopping for houses. This is the second part of their epic story.

We also meet the Greysons, the next family to move into Candlewick. However, everything seems normal in the Greyson family, what could possibly cause them to feel compelled to move into this gender-bent community?

This is a part of a series, and some stories will be told over the course of multiple books, but two complete stories are in this book.


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Surrender to Candlewick


Rated "R" for sexual depiction & language.


• Surgical Change

Mind Control

Slow Transformation

Senior Age Progression

Minor Age Regression

Identity Loss

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