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A "Tales of Transformation" Story

Part 3 in the “Housewives of Candlewick Court” Series. In this book, we revisit the cozy development of Candlewick Court to finish the story of Colin and Elliot Finch and their attempt to catfish Doug Brundell. In their rush to swindle Brundell, Colin finds himself becoming more and more the fifties housewife Doug has always wanted. But surely, it's just a disguise, right? He can't possibly be turning into a woman, can he? Surely, he can't possibly begin to think of himself as if he really were a fifties housewife? Elliot is just pretending to be a little girl, not be turning into one, correct? And will Colin finally spring his trap before he and his brother are trapped in their female roles? Find out in this final chapter of their story.

We also catch up with the Greyson family, as they stumble upon the dark forces that control Candlewick, and find themselves in the crosshairs of a much greater plan than they ever could have conceived of. Who will be the first to be changed?

In the complete story "Essence of Rose" a businessman has put his relationship with a client above that of his wife, and finds himself becoming more and more the woman his business partner wants and desires.

And finally, in the complete story "Fit for the Part,” an unscrupulous drama teacher has his students crossdress for his amusement. However, his plans seem to be changing his students in far deeper ways than just wearing dresses. Pretty soon, the whole school is changing, and the drama students are changing into the kind of women the teacher has always desired... women straight from the 1950’s. What is turning them into women, and can anyone control it anymore?

This is a part of a series, and some stories will be told over the course of multiple books, but two complete stories are in this book.


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Rated "R" for sexual depiction & language.


Mind Control

Slow Transformation

Minor Age Progression

Minor Age Regression

Identity Loss

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