To Love, Honor And Obey
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To Love, Honor And Obey

by Marlissa

dedicated to Pretty Sissy Dani

"Ken—get the hell in here!" In less than a minute, the programmer responded by hurrying into the department head’s office.

"What’s the story on the relational database updates—Finance has been hounding me since Tuesday on this!" Secretly Barry Johnson knew this was his own fault—he had volunteered in the departmental meeting that his top programmer Ken would have it done, knowing damn well it would mean some late-nighters for the programmer.

Ken sighed. "Sorry Barry. I promise it’ll be done before I leave tonight. I just have to go out for a bit to pick up my dry cleaning before they close and I promise I’ll be right back to polish it off." His shoulders slumped. This workload was killing him!

Barry looked down at his desk clock. It was almost six—he better get the hell out of here if he was going to catch the game at seven! "Better not Ken—just stay on the dbase thing till it gets done. I don’t need to remind you you’re still on probation, do I?" That was a laugh—they both knew why he was on probation!

Ken started to object, but held his tongue. "Sure, I understand. I can pick up my dry cleaning tomorrow I suppose. I’ll just do some laundry tonight when I get done here." That would be about eleven—just when he wanted to do a wash and iron a clean shirt!

Barry nodded smugly. "Good idea. Anyway you ought to think about getting married and have a nice girl do things like that for you—you know, laundry and all." He gruffly laughed. They both knew that Ken was gay. When Barry had found that out, he had blackmailed the young programmer into becoming his virtual slave. There was no way a gay kid like Ken, no matter how brilliant, was ever going to go any where at MicroComp. "Anyway, what the hell have you been working on besides the dbase project—you know that’s a priority." He was instantly suspicious at the way the twentysomething fidgeted.

"Nothing much Barry. Just something I thought Mr. Peters might be interested in—for the new software division."

Ken’s political antennae began twitching. What was this little queer up to now? The new consumer software division was THE hotspot at MicroComp. His little twerp programmer was trying to sidestep out of MIS and out from under his thumb right over to Peter’s group! "Show me what you’ve got Ken. I’ll decide whether or not this is something for Peter’s group or not!" The young man hesitated, but his bosses' growl seemed to convince him it would be a better move to do as he was told. In a minute he returned with a floppy disk.

"Here you go Barry. Uh, I’m still getting the kinks out, you might say, but—"

His manager pulled the disk out of his hand. "This the only copy?" His subordinate nodded meekly. "Good. I’ll take a look at home tonight—let you know what I think, all right? Now get that dbase thing done." He threw on his coat and left, completely oblivious to the smirk on his programmer’s face.


Barry wasn’t sure what the kid had been working up, but the curiosity was eating him up. As soon as he got home, he kicked away the pizza boxes—the one thing he missed about that bitchy ex-wife of his was her cooking and cleaning—and sat down in front of his PC. It took a minute, but the multimedia system was soon humming along. Really humming. In fact, the hum coming over the speakers was a siren-like whirring. The screen was generating thousands of Escher-like images, one after another, per minute. Barry looked more closely at the myriad of images phasing in and out on the screen. They were all the same—thousands of tiny faces transforming.

He blinked and turned away, but the soft whirring of the speakers drew him back in. Leaning into the screen, he saw whose face it was and what it was turning into. It was his own—his company ID photo. And it was transforming his own familiar hard-nosed, cold blue-eyed, brown haired handsome thirty year old’s face into that of a…a….girl? Yes, a girl—a young woman really with long blonde hair, a little upturned button nose and a sweet heart-shaped mouth. He felt himself growing aroused at the picture of the perfect debutante, especially the teasing, coquette expression on her face that invited kisses and looks.

But why?

He watched as the multiplicity of pretty feminine visages merged into one. Now he was staring into the round blue eyes-- his own?-- which blinked at him coyly.

"Hi, Barry!" The voice was familiar-- husky but too high.

"Who are you?" he asked aloud, not expecting the quick response from the speakers.

The pretty blonde toyed with her hair, giggling. "Why, silly-- I’m the brand new YOU! Just be a good boy and listen. o.k.? The first rule is Love, Honor and Obey. Let me explain, ok?"

Barry’s fixation on his new computer tutor instructions lasted deep into the night.


Six months later.

Donna looked anxiously at the clock. Almost five o’clock and so much to do! And her hair was a mess! She pulled out her handy compact for the third time in an hour and re-checked her face and hair. She ran a red nail through her shoulder length golden champagne-tinted hair and powdered her pale cheek. Gosh-- a refresher on the lips couldn’t hurt, could it? She pulled out her pink lipstick and refrosted her lips lightly.

I hope I look pretty for my hubby!

She scanned the kitchen quickly. Dinner was in the oven and the house thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed. There was nothing her husband might find fault with, thank goodness! Except herself of course! She hustled herself up the stairs to the bedroom to change out of her boring pink house dress into something more pleasing. It took her almost twenty minutes to pick out something to wear, but as she inspected herself before her full-length, she thought Ken would be pleased. The yellow sundress was a playful, flirty little thing that showed off her tanned legs nicely. She smoothed it down, admiring herself in the mirror as she stepped into her yellow high heels. Ken liked her in this. As this thought passed through her head, she unconsciously licked her lips and toyed with her wedding ring-- her most prized possession. She loved her husband so much!

My man is my life!

He surprised her from behind as she was mixing a drink for him.

"How’s my busty beauty today?"

She giggled as she felt his hands on her breasts. It had been a joke between them as long as they had been married. In fact, Donna had very small breasts and a very boyish body.

I’m lucky to keep a man with such tiny breasts!

"My cupcake been busy in the kitchen for her man?" Ken asked, taking the drink out of her hand. He didn’t need to wait for a response, as Donna trotted dutifully behind him into the living room.

"Yes, Darling! Roast pork and potatoes just like you told me!" she beamed, automatically kneeling to take off his shoes and put his slippers on. "Busy day dear?"

Stay focused on what your man cares about!

Ken stretched out, wriggling his toes in the comfortable slippers. "Oh, Peters has me running MIS AND developing new products. But the new Attitudeware is selling like hotcakes-- a big hit. But I won’t bore you with business talk you don’t understand, Donna. Sit up, sugar, and tell me what you did with your day."

When your husband tells you to do something-- do it!!

Donna collected her thoughts and focused on her spouse. "Oh, nothing, Dearest. Just my boring housecleaning and cooking!"

"Of course you did your aerobics this morning?" Ken gave her a hard, meaningful look.

Donna nodded, her blue eyes batting furiously. "Yes, Darling! Yes, of course! I do them EVERY morning since you suggested I take it up!"

I must never disobey my husband-- everything he tells me to do is for my own good!

Ken softened. "Good. I want my little woman to be the prettiest spouse of any of the executives at MicroComp. By the way, you look very pretty today-- what a cute little wifey I have! Now be a pet and go put dinner on the table-- I’m hungry."

As always, Donna replied simply "Yes, Dear," and did as she was told.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

Later in their bedroom that evening, Ken watched as she prepared herself for bed. She did so promptly at nine o’clock every evening. Donna’s normally perky manner deserted her-- as it always did-- this time of day. Ken never failed to be fascinated by the transition from Fifties style housewife to the shy, lost prisoner she now became. Trembling, she unbuttoned her sundress. With modesty, she gingerly stepped out of her dress, revealing the blue bikini cotton panties and matching cotton bra underneath. Pursing her pouty lips, she looked up, ashamed and awaiting instruction.

"Put on the French hooker outfit." It wasn’t a request and Ken enjoyed watching his former boss sulkily nod and draw out the appropriate articles of lingerie from her wardrobe drawer. She looked better and better every day, as if she was easing nicely into her altered body. The simple cotton utilitarian undies and brassiere were quickly removed by his newlywed wife. In their place, Donna now wore a saucy red satin push-up demi-bra, skimpy red silk thong panty, red lace garter belt and fishnet stockings-- all completed with an impossible pair of six inch stillettos. A final touch was the black velvet choker Ken liked his missy in. In the space of two minutes, his chirpy, pretty housewife had transformed into a pert, naughty waif ready to serve his needs-- none of which employed the feminized pet’s left-over maleness!

But despite the sultry outfit, his seductress was still too shy, too nervous. The daytime Donna had departed for another day, but the nighttime Donna had yet to be summoned. In the space between the two, there still lived a confused and sad Barry. Ken caressed her small breasts through her filmy bra. She smiled limply and uttered a weak sigh. Then he began pushing her to her knees. Still she fought his advances. Though dropping promptly to her knees, she bowed her head, hiding her face beneath her long dyed blonde mane. He cupped her chin, forcing his thumb in her mouth. She met it with a small, lapping tongue. But she had no enthusiasm for her task this evening-- not yet anyway.

"Please say it," his kneeling wife begged, head still bowed.

"Say what, Donna? What should I say, my pet?"

"That thing you say that makes it all right for me to do the...things you like. Please?" Her plea was small, low and pitiful now.

Ken grinned and patted her head like a needful puppy. She badly needed the trigger phrase now-- she hated starting without it. That was easily remedied.

"Love, honor and OBEY, Donna."

The command now pronounced, Donna’s nighttime personality blossomed like a dark Lotus. Hungry bedroom eyes replaced the simpering "good girl" baby blues. The smiling lips were now curled in lewd expectation. The anxiety had been completely banished by the magic phrase. Whipping her sleek golden mane aside, the dutiful housewife was now the tempting mistress, the helpmate become the playmate.

A good slut is allowed to cum!!! Be good, Donna-- be good for Ken!!!

Ken’s hands now found no resistance to his guiding and soon his kneeling Donna was worshipping her husband’s member just as efficiently as she cleaned his home and cooked his meals. Minutes later, Ken was ready to begin using his sexy blonde honey. He pointed at the bed, and the pretty waifish wench was immediately up on her fours up on the bed, head pressed down and hands ready to remove her dainty thong panty at the snap of his fingers.

Bad sluts get spanked!!! Satisfy your master, Donna!!!

She was just as submissive in her slut persona as she was in her "good girl" personality-- just as Ken had designed his little pet to be. She was the perfect companion for a gay man such as himself. During the day, she was the model trophy wife-- all taffeta and smiles. At night, they played games in leather and lace, his former boss now his private whore to do with as he wished. As his wife, "Donna" was trained to refuse no command, offer no resistance to any urge he might have. He assumed the familiar position behind her, gripping her boyish backside with an iron hold. As he entered her, she began to squeal, her slim hips jerking between his iron grip. But then she always did that. There were just some things software behavioral modification couldn’t do yet!

Even after six month and even when you’re a good little kitten for Ken-- it still hurts so much!!!



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