Step 4: Controlling His Urges: The Chastity Belt
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He lost the right to sexual independence when he crossed you. The chastity belt is a fine way to underscore your mastery of him. Forbidding use of his ‘pull toy’ will frustrate him but it will also perform the useful function of re-orienting his thinking—from that of sexual aggressor (a role you’ve assumed) to that of the prey. Sex is no longer a thrill—it is a shameful aspect of his sissified status.

Tip: Modern space age materials have made chastity belts far more valuable than as simple prisons for the penis. The tough new fibers now enforce a smoother, more feminine front, confining the male member snugly between the legs. In addition, the newer designs force the wearer to seek bladder relief only by sitting down—a fine reminder of his new feminized state.

Keep your head bowed, my beauty!

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