Step 10: Secretary as mistress
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‘Little gold-digger!’ ‘Horny slut!’ ‘Lezzie tramp!’ He’ll become used to the cruel whispers, the patronizing attitude, the dismissive way he is treated by both men and women. It is the ultimate humiliation—to be known as a secretary who must service ‘her’ boss or lose ‘her’ job. He would rebel— only he knows how much worse you could make it for him!

Tip: As your mistress AND personal assistant, he should try to make himself as available as possible for both uses. Order him to wearing crotchless panties so as not to waste valuable work time, lowering and raising his panties, every time you wish to poke give him a ‘poke’ with your strap-on. Issue explicit memos to your assistant outlining your physical demands…

 Get down on your knees, kitten!


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