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Rated "PG" for sexual situations


  1. Slow Change

  2. Mind Control

  3. Identity Loss

  4. Total Transformation

  5. Reluctant Transformee

  6. Multiple Themes

Book. 243 pages. 6x9 inches.

  1. Full color, hand-drawn, 279 panels.

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Full-Color Comic by Joe Six-Pack

In a small town somewhere in America, a small college has been educating young men for 158 years. It’s traditions are deep, it’s heritage unassailable. However, it’s been male-dominated for all of it’s history, a bastion of all-male education. Today, it allows a meager 15% of it’s student population to be women — a token amount.

Enter Victoria Brookstone, who has been put forward by the governor to be the first female member of the college’s board of governors. Her arrival is met with hostility and anger.

However, Ms. Brookstone has a plan. A wild plan. She wants to make the college a new haven for femininity. To do that, she needs more students of the feminine variety.

That sounds like a tall order, but she’s developed a potent new drug that will change people in ways most people couldn’t imagine. Unleashing her drug into the male student population of the college, the changes are widespread, as we watch dozens of students change as the year goes by.

Hold on to your seat as boy after boy succumbs to the allure of becoming feminine.

This book features 29 sequential transformations with over 45 characters and a 35-page comic. The sequential transformations are mostly one-panel-per-page which is why there are so many pages.

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