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  1. Slow Change

  2. Magical Change

  3. Reality Change

  4. Total Transformation

  5. Reluctant Transformee

  6. Cheerleading

Comic. 24 pages. 6x9 inches.

  1. Black & white, hand-drawn, 90 panels.

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Black & White Manga

Story by Joe Six-Pack

Illustrations by Osoku WARUI

Gavin is a nobody in his high school, and lamenting his boring life, he runs into (literally) the beautiful Krista, one of the elite cheerleaders at RHS.

Krista, however, is in a rush and speeds away. However, she has lost a fluffy little pop-pom phone charm behind.

Gavin is excited to have a personal item from one of the most beautiful and desirable girls in school. He knows he has to return it, and approaches the cheerleading squad to help him re-unite the charm with it’s owner. His earnestness is rewarded with a right cross from the school bully, Spence.

But Gavin in not deterred. He is continued to try and return the charm, but can’t find Krista. She’s disappeared. As he searches for her, he finds the cheerleaders are friendlier to him, and his old friends more and more unpleasant. Even Spence seems to tolerate him.

The universe has a Krista-sized hole in it, and Gavin finds himself filling it. Surely, though, once he returns the charm, it will all come to an end. Won’t it?

This is a traditional Japanese-style manga, in black and white with screen tones, but is read left-to-right. The artwork is based on the work of Kozan Kata and others.

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