Rated "X" for adult language and sexual situations


  1. Slow Change

  2. Shopping & Salons

  3. Drug Change

  4. Coerced Feminization

  5. Reluctant Transformee

Book. 70 pages. 22,000 words. 6x9 inches.

  1. 15 illustrations in color

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  5. Expansion of a previously published story

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AKA “Signed, Sealed & Sissied”

by KK

Based on a story by Petit Pierre

Color Illustrations by RocketXpert

A "Seriously Sissified" Story

Evan was a small-town boy who was growing up just like all his other friends, playing sports and stuggling through the difficult teen years. He had a girlfriend, a solid family and he was content.

But his world is turned upside-down when a social site has a page dedicated to “Ella” who appears to be Evan in costume, having sex with another boy, and wanting more.

Evan is driven out of his small town and finds refuge in the city. Now he’s forced to live alongside the patients of Dr. Doria, who has a remarkably consistent record of diagnosing her patients with gender dysphoria. And Evan, is no different.

Can Evan figure out who was behind the mysterious web page? Or was it him, all along? Watch as the small-town boy become the big-city sissy he was always fated to be.

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