Sick Puppy Press is dedicated towards publishing quality, professional publications for the reader looking for that peculiar little difference they can't find anywhere else. Every work is expertly illustrated, edited and typeset. Every story is complete in a single publication. You can order traditional printed books or instantly download the stories twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. And every work is designed to read as a good story, to be appreciated by all, no matter what your interests may be.


Tales of Transformation
It's a tale that's been in myths, legends and story since they were first being told. Just never like this. Men becoming women. Sometimes willingly, often times not. Adult themes.

Teens Transformed

In youth, the lines between female and male are often a little blurrier than later in life. Here, the line may get blurred even further - or obliterated entirely.

Stories of the Supernatural

Sometimes it's not people who are trying to change you, it's something you can't explain.

Crossed Fiction

When it's the clothes that captivate you, wouldn't it be awful if you got in too deep?

Crossed Romance

And then sometimes the clothes take you places you never thought you'd go. Like falling in love.

Web Classics Revisited

Many great stories first appeared on the internet, just begging to be professionally published. These works are re-edited, expanded, illustrated and specially priced.


Types Of Publications


Up to 40 pages, 6x9 inches, 4-5 illustrations.
Print edition includes color cover with saddle-stitch binding.


Up to 40 pages, 6x9 inches, 15-20 illustrations.
Print edition includes color cover with saddle-stitch binding.

41-80 pages, 6x9 inches, 14-20 illustrations.
Print edition includes color cover with saddle-stitch binding.


80-150 pages, 6x9 inches, 20+ illustrations.
Print edition includes color cover with perfect binding. Paperback book.

Jumbo Paperback

150+ pages, 6x9 inches, 20+ illustrations.

Print edition includes color cover with perfect binding. Paperback book.



Production & Fulfillment
All ordering, printing and shipping is handled by Lulu.com. Sick Puppy Press provides the content of the material, Lulu is responsible for everything else.


Lulu takes Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. Debit cards with these logos will also work. PayPal is also accepted. Once you have placed an order with Lulu, they give you ways to track it's progress.

All orders will appear on your bank statements as being from "LULU PRESS, INC " There is no mention of what you ordered or Sick Puppy Press.

Downloading PDFs

Lulu allows you to download a PDF version of any Sick Puppy Press publication at a much lower fee than a printed book. It also allows you to do this at any time - instantly. There are no approvals or codes to wait for.

Once the file is downloaded, it is your responsibility to save it and back up the file. No replacements will be available from Sick Puppy Press. Neither Sick Puppy Press nor Lulu can 100% guarantee that the file is readable on your computer. If you have doubts, it is best to download the free preview and test this out.


Lulu will need a billing address, a shipping address, an email address and your credit (or debit) card to order. This is standard practice with all internet retailers. The on-line ordering process also requires a phone number be given. This is so the shipping company would be able to contact in case of any delivery issues. It will not stop the transaction from going through if a fake number is given.

Lulu has an option to not be on their mailing list. Be sure to uncheck the box if that is important to you before completing your order. But you will receive a confirmation email and a thank you email.

If you have signed in to Lulu, put an item in your checkout cart and sign off before ordering, Lulu may send you an email to remind you of the order. It will contain a picture of the book. To avoid this, be sure and empty your cart before leaving the site.

Sick Puppy Press will not see the names associated with the order. We receive no information about you or your method of payment.

Lulu policies regarding privacy are outlined here.


Shipping terms will be shown before you place your order. In most cases it takes 1-2 days to make the publication. Standard shipping is 6-7 days, but many options are available for faster delivery. Your delivery address can be different from your billing address.

Packages will arrive in a thick cardboard shipping box, with no information about the contents visible. The contents of the box are impossible to be seen through the corregated cardboard, and is securely closed with shipping tape. It is sealed tightly, and is as secure as possible. Expect the sort of mailer you would use in shipping a hardcover book.

Your order could be shipped by various companies, depending on the shipping terms you choose. Standard domestic shipping will be processed through USPS as "Media Mail," and be delivered with your regular mail. UPS is also an option.

Returns, problems

Since all ordering, manufacturing and shipping is handled by Lulu, all inquiries must go through them. Sick Puppy Press has no more ability to fix problems or address issues than you do as the purchaser. And we have no special ways to communicate with them.

Orders cannot be cancelled. But you can return them.


Lulu handles many "adult" products, and even a good number of TG products as well. Sick Puppy Press is not aware of any issue regarding Lulu disclosing a buyer's information for any reason other than complying with court actions. Keep in mind, as a shopkeeper, Sick Puppy Press and Joe Six-Pack is also trusting them with our personal information as well.