Day 1: Shown the Door

Bad news! We’ve been shut down by our hosting provider. No warning! We exceeded our CPU usage, it seems, and they cannot upgrade us to something better. 

We’re working very hard to get things back up and going ASAP. Fortunately, we’ve provided for this kind of thing, as a site like ours is the kind of site which can get shut down for any number of reasons, and making sure we can get back up and running quickly was something we’ve planned on.

That being said, it does take time to move stuff around, configure servers and set things back up, so it may be a day or so until we can be back up and humming. Everything on the site is 100% backed up, and in tact. Nobody is losing anything, so rest assured your stories, comments, accounts and pictures are all safe.

Keep checking back!

Day 2: New Digs

We’ve secured a new home for the site, and now we begin the long and complicated job of moving everything over and recreating TG Storytime. Our new home is a dedicated server, so we won’t be sharing our resources with other sites, which should make the site faster. (No promises until we test it, though.) 

As we test the new site and hook it up to the “” name, you may see some weird stuff. Don’t worry about that.

More updates to come!
Day 3: Strange Things

We’re at the part of the process where you’re likely going to see strange errors and other stuff on the site. We’ve got everything transferred, now we have to get these systems talking to each other. We’re getting close!
Day 2.5: Login

The blank screen login request you get on the site is non-functional. It’s a by-product of the shutdown. The new site is still being worked on. Stay tuned!
Day 3.5: Back?

I still have to test stuff out, but it looks like everything’s back up and running. Probably!